Pumps 101

An Introduction to Centrifugal Pump Fundamentals

If you’re brand new to the world of centrifugal pumps you have a lot of ground to cover. The quickest way to get up to speeds is to survey the landscape and gain an understanding of the most fundamental topics of centrifugal pump design, application, and selection.

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Discover Common Pump Designs

While there are dozens, even hundreds, of different centrifugal pump designs, virtually all of them can be categorized into just a few categories. By learning about these common types of centrifugal pumps, you’ll be better prepared to make a pump type recommendation the next time you assist with the pump design and selection process.

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Decipher Complex Pump Terms

Every industry has its own vocabulary, and the pump industry is no exception. There are a number of terms every salesperson, engineer, end-user, and maintenance manager who deals with pumps needs to understand. Understanding these terms is critical if you hope to be a competent pump industry professional.

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