The 5 Most Important Stories in the Pump Industry | Feb 8 – 14, 2016

These are our picks for the most interesting, useful, and noteworthy stories and resources from around the pump industry:

1. The National Green Infrastructure Certification Program Announced

DC Water and WEF announced an agreement to cooperatively develop a certification program aimed at “promoting skilled individuals who will install, inspect, and maintain green infrastructure (GI) systems”. The program will be developed on an accelerated schedule, with the intention of issuing the first certifications in early 2017.

2. The Story in Flint Isn’t Going Away: It’s Just the Beginning

The high levels of lead in drinking water in Flint, MI have created national news stories for the last few weeks. While the amount of noise surrounding the current crisis has died down a little, the story has brought to the forefront an unsettling reality: the buried water infrastructure in many parts of the United States is perilously antiquated. The situation in Flint could have occurred in many different places in America with water systems that haven’t been updated in decades.

The story of aging water infrastructure that must be updated isn’t going away, it’s just getting started.

3. US Bureau of Reclamation Funding

In the scheme of the entire water industry, $100 million isn’t anything to get too worked about. However, if there is a Bureau of Reclamation reuse project you’ve been waiting to see greenlighted, Christmas may have just come early. Check out this list of funded reuse projects to see if that project you’ve been waiting on was finally funded.

4. California Need Major Infrastructure Upgrades

It should come as no surprise to anyone in the water industry that California is in the midst of a historic drought. Senator Dianne Feinstein has introduced a bill that would provide funding for critical water projects made necessary by the ongoing drought conditions – but don’t hold your breath, it’s the third time a similar bill has been introduced in the past 2 years.

5. New Products Released

It must be that time of year. In the past week several new products have been announced including:

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