The 5 Most Important Stories in the Pump Industry | Feb 15 – 21, 2016

Here are the stories that caught our eye over the last seven days:

1. Water Scarcity Now Affecting 4 Billion People Worldwide

It’s important to put a figure like 4 billion in context. Up until this new study was published, most scientist agreed that the between 2 and 3 billion people were affected by water scarcity.

This new research ups the ante in a big way.

2. Lead in the Water Systems of Major US Cities

It is now clear that this is a story that isn’t going away anytime soon. Antiquated water systems across the country are problematic. Now that the situation in Flint appears to be under control, there are troubling stories out of other cities and states around the country.

  • Two EPA employees in Ohio have been fired for failing to deliver water quality test results that showed unsafe lead levels in drinking water in Sebring.
  • The city of Chicago is being sued by residents claiming that the city started constructions projects knowing they would increase the amount of lead in city water systems to toxic levels.
  • In addition, thirteen water systems in Ohio are under lead advisories.

In a word: Yikes.

3. Drinking Water is Sometimes Affected by Proximity to O&G Operations

TL;DR: When O&G wells are drilled to depths that are close to the depth of water supplies, water supply contamination can and sometimes does occur.

There are a lot of caveats in this story. In most cases, oil and natural gas wells are safely drilled to depths much greater than drinking water supplies. However, there are exceptions. In other words, if you hear a story about someone complaining of funny-tasting water near a fracking site, don’t immediately write-off the possibility that there has been contamination.

4. Free Webinar: Efficient Pump Selection and Control

The second of six free webinars put on by Pumps & Systems and Grundfos will take place later this week. Head to Pumps & Systems to learn more and sign up.

5. How Pump Reps and Application Engineers Can Do a Better Job

Calling all pump reps and AE’ss: Here are two articles that might interest you.

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