Pumps 101

Don't know where to get started in your quest to learn about centrifugal pumps? You've come to the right place. Pumps 101 is a quick survey of the centrifugal pump landscape. This series of eleven articles covers the all of the bases:

If you're serious about getting your pump education started out right, take these articles one at a time and digest them fully.

Pump Terms Glossary

Learn the language of the pump industry. Our glossary includes terms pump industry professionals must understand such as Preferred Operating Range and Suction Specific Speed. So if you aren't sure what Minimum Continuous Stable Flow or API 610 is, our glossary will help you get a handle on these critical terms and many more.

A few of our most commonly referenced definitions include:

Are you ready to expand your vocabulary?

Pump Designs

There are dozens of pump manufacturers, each producing a unique line of pumps. While there are differences between all of these different models, the vast majority of all centrifugal pumps fall into just a few broad pump types. What are these common pump types?

Understand when to use each of these different types of pumps is a critical step in the education of every pump industry professional. Are you ready to learn how to properly evaluate pump applications and make a pump type recommendation? Great!