ANSI Definition

What is an ANSI Pump?

An ANSI pump is an end-suction pump that conforms to the dimensional envelope described in the ANSI pump standard.

ANSI is an acronym that stands for American National Standards Institute. An ANSI pump is one that conforms to ANSI Standard B73.1.
ANSI B73.1 specifies an end-suction pump design that includes overall dimensions, the location of the pump hold-down bolts, the distance between the suction and discharge flange centerlines, and height of the pump centerline. The result is that ANSI pumps are readily available, cost-effective, and ANSI pumps manufactured by different companies are dimensionally interchangeable.

ANSI pumps are comparable to pumps built according to API 610 and offer a more robust design than those built according to the HI Standard. ANSI pumps are commonly used in chemical, industrial, and mining applications.