Startup Definition

What is Startup?

Startup is the process of inspecting a pump installation and placing a pump into service, and is performed by the pump supplier or manufacturer.

Once a pump has been installed, but before it can be placed into service, in many cases the pump purchaser will request that the pump supplier or manufacturer supply a qualified technician to inspect the installation and confirm that the pump is ready to be placed into service.

A typical startup plan includes the following steps:

  • Installation inspection: A technician approved by the pump manufacturer first inspects the installation and confirms that there are no obvious defects in the way the pump has been installed.
  • Alignment verification: Depending on the type of pump, alignment may need to be verified by the technician.
  • Motor rotation verified: Prior to coupling the pump and motor, the motor will be bumped to verify that the electrician has properly connected the motor, and that it is rotating in the correct direction.
  • Impeller clearances set: The clearance between the impellers and bowls must be set in vertical pumps that allow for vertical adjustment of the pump rotating element.
  • Final coupling: Once rotation and alignment have been verified, and the impeller clearance has been set, the pump and motor coupling hubs are connected.
  • Field testing: In some cases a simple test of pump performance may be performed by the installer and witnessed by the pump technician.