Flow Definition

What is Flow?

Flow is the volume of liquid that passes through a pump in a given time period.

The flow of a pump is the amount of liquid that passes through the pump. There are two parts to a measurement of flow:

  • Volume of liquid
  • Time elapsed

Every measurement or expression of flow includes the volume of liquid and the time during which the volume passed through the pump. Common examples of flow units include:

  • GPM: Gallons Per Minute.
  • MGD: Million Gallons Per Day
  • CFS: Cubic Feet Per Second
  • M3/sec: Cubic Meters Per Second
  • L/s: Liters Per Second

Every pump is designed to produce a certain amount of flow at a certain amount of head. This combined head and flow point is called the rated condition or guarantee point. For example, an end-suction pump might be provided with a rated condition of 1000 GPM at 100 Ft head or TDH.