Data Sheet Definition

What is a Pump Data Sheet?

A pump data sheet is a document that provides engineering details regarding a centrifugal pump.

There are two types of centrifugal pump data sheets:

  • Specification data sheets
  • Pump performance and configuration data sheets

Specification data sheets are documents that accompany a technical specification, and provide additional details beyond those described in the specification. For example, a standard pump specification may describe a variety of pump construction options while the data sheet specify which specific construction options should be applied to a specific project.

The contents of a data sheet are typically more important than those in a specification, and where conflicts occur between the data sheet and the specification, in most case, the details in the data sheet will prevail.

Pump performance and configuration data sheets are documents provided by a pump manufacturer or supplier during the design phase, or during product detail review prior to manufacture of the pump. The data sheet provides details regarding pump construction, design, and performance.

Both types of data sheets often, but do not always, include the following information:

  • Performance requirements and pump performance characteristics
  • Horsepower requirements
  • Pump materials of construction
  • Bearing lubrication methodology
  • Pump tests to be performed by the manufacturer at the factory
  • Whether or not the pump tests shall be witnessed by the purchaser