Pump Test Definition

What is a Pump Test?

A pump test is a procedure carried out by a pump manufacturer, supplier, installer, or owner to confirm one or more aspects of pump design or performance.

Pump tests are conducted to confirm that the pump meets the performance, design, and construction standards required by the project specifications and data sheets. The most common types of pump tests include:

  • Pump performance tests: A performance test is used to determine that the head and flow produced by a pump as well as the power required to operate a pump match the project requirements.
  • Hydrostatic pressure tests: A hydrostatic pressure test, or hydro test, involves putting the pump casing under pressure that is considerably greater than the actual operating pressure to ensure that the casing is strong enough to withstand operating pressures.
  • Field tests: Most field tests are simple procedures used to demonstrate that the pump operates without excessive vibration and noise or high bearing temperatures as installed in the field.

Pump test may be conducted either in the pump factory or in the field. Factory tests are typically much more detailed than field tests.