Packaged Pump Station Definition

What is a Packaged Pump Station?

A packaged pump station is a pumping unit that includes the pump, a driver such as an electric motor or diesel engine, and a pump control panel all mounted on a common mounting skid.

In nearly all cases, the pump supplier provides the pump, motor, and a baseplate or skid for the pump and motor to be mounted on. This arrangement is called a pump skid or a pumping unit. However, in some cases, it also makes sense to have the pump supplier provide a control panel for the pumping unit(s) and to mount all of the pumping units on a single skid along with the pump control panel. When this happens, the resulting unit, which includes the pumping units, controls, and a large metal skid or base, is called a packaged station.

While packaged stations are used in municipal and industrial applications, the are particularly popular in HVAC and plumbing applications where two or more small vertical multistage pumping units along with variable frequency drives (VFDs) for pump control and operation are mounted on a single metal base. In addition, suction and discharge headers are usually provided for packaged stations so that the Contractor installing the packaged station only has to make two piping connections.

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