IOM Manual Definition

What is an IOM or O&M Manual?

An IOM or O&M Manual is a document created by a pump manufacturer that contains instructions on proper installation, operation, and maitenance of a pumping system.

It is important to follow the pump manufacturer’s instructions when installing, operating, and maintaining centrifugal pumps. Failure to do so will typically result in the voiding of the pump manufacturer’s warranty, and may negatively affect pump longevity and performance. For this reason, virtually all centrifugal pump manufacturers offer manuals to provide instructions on proper installation, operation, and maintenance.

Depending on the manufacturer, the manual may be called either a:

  • IOM Manual: An acronym for Installation, Operation, and Maintenance.
  • O&M Manual: An acronymn for Operation and Maintenance.

In addition to standard instructions, most IOM manuals are customized to include outline drawings, cross-sectional assembly drawings, pump test reports, and sources of replacement parts and authorized service.

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